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Lower Ski Hi for Boys 9-11

For boys 9-11 who have completed grades 3-5

If this is your first summer at Cheley, Lower Ski Hi is the perfect beginning for a fun kids summer camp for boys. You’ll explore the mountains, play a pick-up game of knockout, learn how to handle a horse and train a colt. You’ll cook over an open fire, roast marshmallows under a sky filled with stars and camp out in a treehouse. Camp life is tons of fun, with new friends and great adventure to fill your days.

After dinner, you’ll sing in the lodge and play games with your friends. Two nights a week, you’ll enjoy a special cookout and every morning, you’ll start your day with breakfast in the dining room. The counselors in Lower Ski Hi are your buddies. They create a family feel at camp, and will be there for you.

No matter how much or how little outdoor experience you’ve had, Lower Ski Hi is a time to enjoy camp life and learn the fundamentals of a wide range of activities, including the climbing wall, target sports, hiking and overnight camping. It’s a chance to set goals, develop a Code of Living, live in a caring community and become more self-reliant.

Lower Ski Hi campers get to choose from a wide range of activities designed just for you. Click the activities below to learn more about Cheley's kids summer camp for boys.    

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