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Even though team building happens in many of our program activities, working together to achieve a goal is the core focus of our low ropes challenge course. Cooperation and mutual support within the group are essential. And in the big picture called life, knowing how to work with others is definitely tied to personal happiness and success.  This challenge course is a summer camp obstacle course for the mind and body and is an excellent leadership training and team building course for these campers.

"The world is round and the place that seems like the end might also be the beginning."
Trigger Bill

Participation in any challenge course involves moving out of your comfort zone. You’ll follow a wooded trail alongside a mountain stream, past the rifle range and through the pole gate to find our low elements challenge course, located among huge ponderosa pines. The ground is covered with shredded wood chips for added cushion. Massive trees support the course, comprised of webbing, swinging ropes and balancing logs.

"I've pushed myself to do things I was positive I couldn’t do, thanks to the encouragement and support of everyone here."
Austin, Cheley camper

We strive to foster a successful experience for campers while you’re on the course. Positive changes often result from conquering physical and personal challenges. Campers report feeling empowered, more self-reliant and confident after traversing the course. Experienced counselors facilitate campers in processing the completion of each element and learning the value of working together.  At Cheley summer camp, teamwork and character-building exercises produce such positive results on these campers. 

Participants learn how to establish a goal, communicate strategy, distribute the workload among the members of the group, set a timetable and balance different skill sets and personalities. In short, you learn how to work as a team. And the best news of all—our ropes course is fun, challenging and filled with adventure.  Try our summer camp obstacle course and challenge yourself!  

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