Colorado summer camp

Chipeta - Girls 12-14

For girls 12-14 who have completed grades 6-8

We understand that friends and fun are two of your top priorities. As a Chipeta camper in this fine girl's youth camp unit, you’ll participate in activities that offer adventure and a definite sense of accomplishment, which makes you more confident about who you are and what you’re all about. The free-choice program means you have a say in choosing your program activities, which were designed with you in mind. 

You’ll have many opportunities to test your wings while enjoying the pure fun of camp life and time with one another. At the start of the term, you and the other Chipeta campers will write a Code of Living, or set of principles each of you agrees to honor during your time together. Chipeta is about forming healthy friendships and solidifying a stronger sense of self. There’s plenty of time to hang out in the lodge and share stories about the day’s adventures. Maybe you’ll play a game of foosball, take your turn at the piano or volley with a friend at the ping-pong table. Boredom will never enter your mind.

Cheley offers opportunities to step up and lead on a daily basis. Maybe you talk a fellow camper through the last steps of a tough hike to Mount Ida, work together on the challenge course or help your backpacking partner set up her tent at Sandbeach Lake. Chipeta will encourage your personal growth through fun and adventurous activities with caring and knowledgeable counselors. 

Chipeta campers within this fun Colorado girls' youth camp unit, choose from a wide range of activities. Check them out now.

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