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Cheley is not just a Colorado art summer camp, but what a perfect complement to its rigorous outdoor program.  Being in the great outdoors nestled up in the mountains, it would be hard to find a Colorado art camp with this kind of openness to nature to help unleash your creative side. Wander wooded trails on a crafts hike and find inspiration in the snow-capped peaks or the needled floor of a pine forest. Spend a day in the woodshop creating your masterpiece.  Plop a handful of clay on the pottery wheel and create a ceramic pot. Exploring your creative side can be so enjoyable. Maybe silver jewelry intrigues you, or making a leather belt or crafting tile mosaics.  Make your own original Rocky Mountain art, camp under the stars, and discover talents you never knew you had in you!

"If you wish to be original, be yourself."
Trigger Bill

No Colorado art summer camp experience is complete without the opportunity to explore another side of who you are—or feed a passion that’s alive and thriving. The six craft shops accommodate a wide range of artistic pursuits with all sorts of materials, including wood, clay, watercolor, silver, leather, beads, fabrics, yarn and tile.

"I think I've finally found the road less traveled, and it’s a good road."
Natalie, Cheley camper

The pleasures of hands-on creativity are legendary. Artistic pursuit offers its own kind of excitement and personal satisfaction. Not every stellar experience at Cheley needs to happen outdoors. An afternoon spent at the pottery wheel or in front of a canvas with a paintbrush in hand in this Rocky Mountain art camp is a perfect way to wind down after a morning hike or horseback ride. Make Cheley your choice for a Colorado art camp and you will learn much more than you could imagine.      


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