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Cheley Support Staff Positions

The following summaries of our staff positions will give you a general overview of what is expected in each job. We hire just over 200 summer staff, with about 60 percent returning. An orientation is held for new and returning staff members, which covers the operation, policies, objectives, and vision of the camp. Barn Crew, Transportation Crew, Directors and Assistant Directors are required to have CPR. Backpacking, Hiking, Horseback Riding, General, and Sports/Mountain Biking Counselors must have CPR and Wilderness First Aid. All other counseling staff will need CPR and Standard First Aid. Kitchen and general support staff do not need any CPR or First Aid certification.

Support Staff

Support staff live together in designated cabins on camp property. They play an integral part in role modeling. All support staff need to have the ability to communicate and work effectively with peers, have the visual and auditory ability to identify and respond to environmental and other hazards at camp, and have the physical strength and endurance necessary to complete assigned tasks. A positive attitude and sense of humor are assets.

Counseling Staff
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