Colorado summer camp

Ski Hi for Boys 12-14

For boys 12-14 who have completed grades 6-8

As a young male teenager, we know that fun, friends and food are everything to you. This Colorado youth summer camp for boys unit provides the chance to experience the independence a teenager longs for, in a supportive environment. Rigorous physical activity is an ideal outlet for your boisterous energy. The sense of accomplishment that comes with trying a new, perhaps challenging program contributes to a healthy and realistic sense of self.

Ski Hi focuses on building the strong friendships that are so important during your teen years. We treat you like a young man, nurturing the ideals and principles that you help to develop in your unit’s Code of Living, a code that encourages you to live life to its fullest while you’re at camp.

Cheley offers opportunities to step up and lead on a daily basis at this youth summer camp for boys. Maybe you talk a fellow camper through the last steps of a tough hike to Andrews Glacier, work together on the challenge course or help your backpacking partner set up his tent at Boulder Brook. Ski Hi will encourage your personal growth through fun and adventurous activities with caring and knowledgeable counselors.

Ski Hi campers choose from a wide range of activities. Check them out now.

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