Colorado summer camp

Senior Chipeta - Girls 14-17

For girls 14-17 who have completed grades 8-11

Camp is a chance to step out of your routine and learn what you stand for, what you’re capable of and what genuinely interests you. Close, supportive friendships develop in Senior Chipeta, along with a willingness to move beyond those things that hold you back in life. Defenses go down as societal expectations fall away. You feel the freedom to be who you are, and who you aspire to be, without the pressures of home and school life.

At Cheley's teen summer camp for girls Senior Chipeta unit, you spend unhurried time doing the things you love, and trying things you’ve never done. Every day something will happen to amaze you. You might be standing on the summit of a 13,000-foot peak, heading into the backcountry on horseback with a group of friends. Maybe you’re gathered in a friendship circle after evening campfire singing “Chipeta Call” and Taps, arm in arm under a canopy of stars.  Choose a Colorado summer camp for girls full of friendships and memories.     

At the start of the Senior Chipeta teen summer camp for girls term, you and the other Senior Chipeta campers will write a Code of Living, or set of principles each of you agrees to honor during your time together. When it comes to programs, you’ll engage in activities you love and try others for the first time, like glissading down a snowfield on the side of a mountain or learning the proper form of western riding. You’ll meet people from all over the world, volunteer for a project in the national park and enjoy a square dance with the guys of Haiyaha.

Senior Chipeta counselors are capable, bright college students or graduates, and many are former campers who provide caring leadership and program skills. Spending five days backpacking together or four days on an overnight ride are ideal activities for developing nurturing, trusting friendships with your camp friends.

Program activities are designed to challenge and inspire this Colorado summer camp for girls. Senior Chipeta campers can find many activity choices below.

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