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Horseback Riding

As one of the premier horseback riding camps in the country, Cheley Camps has over 140 horses ready to ride. Imagine trotting or cantering around the ring on your favorite horse. You are living in the moment. You are completely connected with this 2,000-pound animal. Or maybe you are hanging out in the hay manger as the horses eat around you. Your jeans are filthy but you have a huge smile on your face.  

A love of horses is part of the lure, but so are the backcountry riding trails, the healthy, robust horses and the caring, knowledgeable staff who provide instruction in good horsemanship and many other facets of caring for horses. Here at Cheley summer camp, horseback riding is among one of the campers’ favorite activities. 

"Past experience should be a guidepost, not a hitching post."
Trigger Bill

The string of 146 horses owned by Cheley Colorado Camps is tended by Cheley wranglers and ridden only during the summer camp horseback riding sessions. The camp has five riding rings situated throughout the camp property. The quality of care and attention we give our riding program makes it an excellent part of our camp offerings. Cheley is not just a Colorado horseback riding summer camp, but it's certainly one of the highlights.

We also offer a colt training program to give campers a well-rounded view of what's involved in the training of a horse. Campers work with colts born on the ranch and raised by our staff.

"I feel at home when I set foot on Cheley grounds. Everything just feels right."
Claire, Cheley camper

Cheley campers are taught proper western riding form, handling skills and control as well as the essentials of feeding, grooming, tying knots and saddling. You'll learn how to maintain correct leads, walk, trot and canter, and how to sit well in the saddle.

Highlights of the Cheley summer camp horseback riding program include:

  • Half-day instructional rides with excellent Colorado horseback riding summer camp counselors.
  • All-day trail rides to Signal Mountain, Strawberry Hill, Storm Pass, Chasm Junction, and more.
  • Overnight trips to Outpost Corral and Pierson Meadow for 2-3 days to get hands-on experience in feeding, saddling and caring for horses.
  • Horsepacking trips to Pennock Pass, West Creek and Miller’s Fork in the high country.


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