Colorado summer camp


Backpacking to an overnight destination isn’t the only way to enjoy camping at Cheley. Cheley offers a Colorado outcamping summer camp program to camp out under the stars. We transport groups to beautiful campsites for two and three-day stays in wooded seclusion on Cheley property. There are several campsites to choose from, each with its unique personality and special features, including Gypsy Grounds, Teepee Village, Rockstock, Outpost, and Upper Wagon Yard.

"If you want to make good somewhere, why not make good where you are."
Trigger Bill

During an outcamp, a wonderful breakfast cooked outdoors is followed by clean-up and games, a hike up a wooded trail or splashing your friends in a cold mountain stream. You might toss a Frisbee in a nearby meadow or participate in the dirty derby in the warm mountain sun. After an evening spent roasting marshmallows and telling stories around the campfire, you’ll bed down in a tent, teepee or treehouse for a night under the stars with friends and counselors who feel like family. Now, how's that for a Colorado outcamping summer camp experience in the fresh outdoors?

"Camp means no pressure. The days at home are filled with expectations and standards. At camp, the only standards are internal. We’re allowed to open up and laugh."
Venus, Cheley camper

At this Colorado outcamping summer camp, outcampers learn how to build a fire, cook outdoors, pitch a tent and build a shelter. Campers in our oldest units are invited to do a 24-hour solo in a natural environment. Counselors are camped close by and check-in periodically. Solos provide time to be alone, to slow down and reflect. Many campers discover that learning to enjoy your own company is a rare and special opportunity in our fast-paced world of tight schedules and high expectations.

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