Colorado summer camp

Lower Chipeta for Girls 9-11

For girls 9-11 who have completed grades 3-5

At Cheley Colorado Girl's Summer Camp at the Lower Chipeta unit, you’ll ride horses, explore beautiful wooded trails and stand on top of a mountain, looking out over the majestic Rockies. You’ll go camping, learn to cook outdoors and count billions of stars in the night sky. Through it all you’ll be laughing and having fun with new friends and very cool and caring counselors. Be sure to bring a favorite stuffed animal to snuggle with at night and a photo from home to set on your dresser in the cabin you’ll share with other Lower Chipeta campers and counselors.  This is no ordinary Colorado children's camp for girls.  Take a virtual tour of this fine Colorado Girl's Summer Camp.   

In addition to having a great time, you’ll learn some very useful things at Cheley, like how to get comfortable with being away from home and living in a big, extended family. You’ll meet people and make friends from all over the United States and some foreign countries. Best of all, you’ll discover what it’s like to wake up each day knowing a new and wonderful adventure awaits you.

At the start of the term of Cheley's Colorado children's camp for girls , your group of Lower Chipeta campers and counselors will design a Code of Living that each of you agrees to honor during your weeks together. Besides learning respect and cooperation, you’ll discover what you most love to do, whether it’s caring for a newborn colt, hiking a mountain trail, scaling the Cheley climbing wall or making a picture frame in the crafts shop.

Camp is about trying new things and having fun with wonderful people. It’s about special nights in the dining room and camping out in a teepee on an overnight trip. Regardless of the activity, you’ll enjoy the friendship of other campers and have the support and guidance of enthusiastic Cheley counselors along the way.

Lower Chipeta campers get to choose from a wide range of activities designed just for you. Click the activities below to learn more.


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