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Standing on your first mountain summit is an accomplishment you will never forget. The spectacular view outweighs the sore muscles and tired lungs. You did this!!! The hiking program at Cheley is one of our premier programs. Ask any of our alumni and they will tell you stories of their favorite hikes. They can tell you when the started on the trail, who they were with, and what the weather was like on the day of their ascent. They share that they are more resilient, more confident, and have a stronger passion for the outdoors because of their time on the trail.  

"The mountains reserve their choicest gifts for those who stand upon their summits."
Trigger Bill

Each week, we offer 48 popular summer camp hikes that take campers to gulches, saddles, mountaintops, and pristine lakes. We go to places like Mount Lady Washington, Andrews Tarn and Chasm Falls, and to lakes with names like Haiyaha, Odessa, Fern, Lily, and Blue. If you love the natural beauty of the outdoors, Cheley is the perfect summer camp for hikers.

"Cheley is a chance to push yourself, whether it’s getting over a fear of horses or peaking a mountain with a group of friends."

Available to the experienced hiker, Longs Peak at 14,255 feet is one of the highest and most awe-inspiring peaks in North America. The trek takes you eight miles up a wooded trail, over the boulder field, through the keyhole, across the ledge, with foot-to-hand holds the final 500 feet while pausing to catch your breath every few steps. Not only is this a popular Colorado summer camp hike, but people from all over the world also enjoy the most challenging non-technical hike in Colorado. That last tired step takes you onto a peak the size of a football field and just as flat, making Longs a journey no hiker forgets. Cheley is not just a summer camp for hikers, but if you are into hiking, we promise you an unforgettable journey.

Campers learn the skills necessary to survive and thrive at altitude. We partner with Leave No Trace Inc., teaching campers how to enjoy the experience and simultaneously preserve the parks and forests for future generations. We also host service hikes to clean the trails and learn the necessity of caring for the environment. Prepare to empower yourself. Stand on a Rocky Mountain peak this summer.

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