Colorado summer camp

Haiyaha for Boys 14-17

For boys 14-17 who have completed grades 8-11

At boys' teen summer camp at Haiyaha, you’ll establish strong friendships with peers you can trust while engaging in rigorous adventure. Up at dawn, on any given day you may head for the barns to saddle the horses for a ride to Chasm Lake, ready your pack for a hike to Pagoda Mountain, or stretch your legs for a mountain bike ride to Upper Pierson Park.

Haiyaha campers test their grit, create lifelong friendships, and develop a strong set of values in the process. The Code of Living that Haiyaha and each unit creates serves as a touchstone, guiding you to challenge yourself, be kind to peers, and form the strong, dependable brotherhood that typifies Haiyaha.  

This is not just another Colorado summer camp for boys. These young men thrive on pushing themselves, testing their limits, and reaching new heights, both literally and figuratively. Our goal is to provide the appropriate challenges and leadership that transforms teens into young, happy adults.

Program activities are designed to challenge and inspire Haiyaha campers. Check out the choices below.

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