Colorado summer camp

Girls' Trail's End - Girls 12-17

For girls 12-17 who have completed grades 6-11

Walk to the pasture with friends after breakfast, halter and grain in hand. Lead the horses to the corals and barns for feeding and grooming. Or pack your backpack for a beautiful three day trip with your camp buddies to a favorite destination. Girls’ Trail’s End Ranch will give you a terrific sense of camp unity and connection in a setting that typifies western ranch life, complete with covered wagon living.

Girls’ Trail’s End is a self-contained, 80-acre ranch bordered by wilderness land. This is no ordinary Colorado girls high school summer camp. The camp has seventeen Conestoga wagons and its own bathhouse, lodge and dining room. Girls’ Trail’s End feels like family, which is one of the things campers love most about the place.

You will love the hiking and backpacking programs at GTE. Another unique aspect of this camp is its horsepacking program. You’ll learn how to pack a horse for overnight trips, including knot tying skills, packing the horse for balance and efficiency, and horse leading techniques. Girls’ Trail’s End offers all the activities of the Cheley program, including hiking, backpacking and river rafting for all abilities. You’ll challenge yourself, make new friends and learn valuable life skills.

Campers sleep in covered wagons in a wooded setting near Fox Creek, with four girls assigned to each Conestoga. The wagons are arranged in two circles for added warmth and closeness. You look out for one another, laugh and play together, and trade stories about the day’s adventures. Girls’ Trail’s End offers a strong and loving support system that’s so important during your teen years.

Girls’ Trail’s End campers choose from a wide range of activities. Check out the choices below for this Colorado girls high school summer camp at Cheley Camps.

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