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Cheley is a Colorado climbing summer camp, backpacking summer camp, and much more. Thanks to our location next to Rocky Mountain National Park, Cheley campers have easy access to terrific climbing sites that accommodate various levels of difficulty and expertise. Our program includes a climbing wall and several well-known climbing sites throughout the Estes Park Valley. The climbing wall allows climbers to practice smaller holds and overhang techniques. The outdoor sites provide greater vertical gains in varying degrees of difficulty, paired with the inspiring beauty of snow-covered peaks.

"The best angle to approach any problem is from the TRY ANGLE."
Trigger Bill

An overwhelming sense of pride comes with pulling oneself up a mountain wall. You create memories of overcoming your fears or that self-doubt that you can't keep going. These memories help you succeed back home when you face other challenges. Like many mountain adventures, the sweat and challenge of a good climb are rewarded at the top. Most of our climbing occurs on the spectacular Christmas Tree Rock or the Deville located on Cheley property. We have some amazing climbing areas just a short hike from your cabin.  

"Here among the mountains, I face challenges I’d never even dreamed of at home. I’m able to push myself to my limits and conquer my fears."
Noka, Cheley camper

Technical climbing at Cheley's Rocky Mountain climbing summer camp program is a single pitch, top rope program that encompasses all aspects of the sport, including climbing, belaying and repelling. Cheley also recently opened a Via Ferrata, the only Via Ferrata in the country to be onsite at a summer camp. Italian for “iron road”, Via Ferrata is an assisted climbing experience along Cathedral Peak. Climb ladders, cross suspension bridges, and marvel at the grandeur of the mountain vistas that surround you.

Kent Mountain Adventure Center (KMAC), of Estes Park, heads up Cheley's Rocky Mountain climbing camp program. KMAC is known for its climbing expertise and has a longstanding arrangement with Cheley to teach the campers. KMAC and its guides structure the program providing climbing instruction and associated equipment, including helmets, shoes, ropes, and harnesses. Cheley counselors also assist, teaching, and modeling appropriate technique. Cheley counselors provide teaching and supervision on the indoor climbing wall and are trained by the KMAC staff.   

For an experience second to none, look no further for a Colorado climbing summer camp and outdoor adventure camp than Cheley. Don't forget to take a virtual tour or request information to learn more about this historic camp and its values.  A Cheley summer in Estes Park is a summer of challenges, friendships, and memories.         

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