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Colorado summer camp reviews and testimonials are important for us at Cheley and to our campers, parents, and staff. These summer camp reviews from Cheley campers below are just a taste of the feedback we are receiving. For parents, please see parent testimonials as well. Our staff is always looking for feedback to improve and build on the campers' experience here at Cheley. We know the importance of these Colorado summer camp reviews and will keep them updated as they come in.

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Cheley Colorado Summer Camp Reviews

"I have had the time of my life at Cheley and I hope to come back again and again."

"Cheley is a great place to simply enjoy being alive."

"Camp is the best thing I have ever done and I love the friends I made there."

"Well, today I know that going to Cheley Colorado Camps for the past 6 years has been a life changing experience. At Cheley, I discovered who I really am and how I want my life to be. I discovered what mattered to me and what I was capable of achieving. Most importantly, I discovered that I was now part of a community based on love, friendship and acceptance, where I could grow, stretch, expand my self-esteem and have the courage to be myself. I had finally come home! We are a family of unique people with many differences. Rather than feeling pressured to be like everyone else at home, here at Cheley, I learned to celebrate my differences and those of everyone I knew. "

"I am who I am because of my time at Cheley."

"I'm never coming home, I'm having too much fun."

"I wait all year for my Cheley time, it’s the best part of my year!"

"I love Cheley because there are so many different activities to choose from, their is always something fun going on, and I have so many great friends here."

"Cheley gives me a chance to challenge myself and learn what I am capable of doing. I look forward to my time at camp all year long."

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