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Cheley Reunions have become one of our favorite traditions! Our first was held in 1970 in celebration of our 50th year. In 1990, we marked our 70th summer with "Celebrate 70!" and we continued to hold reunions to mark our 75th, 80th, and 90th summers. In 2015, we hosted our 95th, our last reunion before our upcoming Centennial.

This season is our 100th! While we had not anticipated going into our 100th summer like this, it is what it is. We find strength in knowing that every summer has had its challenges some more significant than others. Camp operated during World War II, the Depression, through dry summers with forest fire threats and wet summers with flood threats. However, like everyone else we are new at navigating a pandemic. We have come to the difficult conclusion that we will need to postpone the Centennial Celebration Weekend to September 3rd to the 6th of 2021. This has been a very difficult decision and one we make with a heavy heart. Please visit our Centennial Celebration Weekend page for more information.

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