Colorado summer camp


Gain confidence and learn to trust yourself by experiencing the great Colorado Outdoors

Stand on the summit of a snow-capped peak. Hike to a pristine lake deep in the backcountry. Saddle a horse and ride the wilderness trails or help train a new colt. Sleep under the stars on one of our many overnight trips. Play games on an aspen-lined field. Create a special masterpiece in the craft shop.

The Rocky Mountains are our playground. Each day, our campers head out to explore the amazing Colorado Rockies on hikes, backpacks, horseback rides and much more. Our activities are the vehicle for teaching children the values and ideals necessary to establish their path towards becoming thriving young adults.


Cheley offers a character-building overnight Colorado youth camp program. Our activities create the foundation for our children to strengthen their 21st Century Skills. Heading to the backcountry on a three-day backpacking trip allows campers to develop their teamwork skills. They must work together to carry the tent, the food, and all the needed equipment to experience the wilderness. Each member of the trip has a responsibility to the group. Horseback riding offers the opportunity to develop patience and connection while improving your form and riding skills. Critical thinking is nurtured through their decision making and problem-solving on our high and low ropes courses. Resiliency is fostered as you experience our new Via Ferrata or repel down granite slabs onsite.

We are committed to our “challenge by choice” philosophy where campers have a say and input into their experience. Our free-choice program is designed to keep friendship groups open and flexible and allows each camper to request the activities of their liking. Each Sunday, the campers learn about the offerings for the week and communicate their preferences to the counseling staff. We encourage campers to try a wide variety of options by stretching themselves in our challenging programs.

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"Where you're coming from is not nearly as important as where you're going."

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