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Target Sports

If you’re drawn to activities that fine-tune your ability to focus, target sports just might be your ticket to personal challenge and accomplishment. Every Cheley unit has access to a rifle and archery range, which makes for convenient target practice when you’re ready to zero in on your concentration skills.  

"You seldom hit the bull’s eye just by shooting the bull."
Trigger Bill

As in all sports, understanding risks and learning responsible practices in target sports is paramount, along with learning how to focus and breathe while using the rifle and bow. Our ranges are equipped with .22 caliber and air rifles as well as bows and arrows. Patience and hand-eye coordination are two essential skills that grow and develop with target practice.  Cheley camp and its target sports summer camp activities are situated in the spectacular Estes Park Valley so you can imagine the backdrop!

"The first time I hit the bull’s eye, I was psyched and couldn’t wait to try it again. My counselor taught me to take a deep breath and focus."
Christopher, Cheley camper

In addition to learning that safety comes first, we teach the proper form and technique essential to our Colorado target sports camp. Learn how to aim the rifle from a prone, sitting or standing position. Knock the arrow, pull back the string, focus on the target and, with a relaxed motion, let the arrow fly. Improvement in target sports at summer camp is acknowledged with patches, awarded according to the guidelines of the Camp Rifle and Camp Archery Associations. Our target sports program consistently receives high marks from Cheley campers.

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