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Spend a summer at an adventure camp and swirl through the waters of Poudre Canyon, surrounded by exquisite granite walls, shimmering aspen, and mighty ponderosa pines. One of the most popular rafting sites in the Rocky Mountain region, the Poudre River offers quite the summer camp rafting adventure along with stunning natural beauty at any time of the year. Cheley is a Colorado summer camp with rafting and an assortment of fun-filled and challenging outdoor activities.

"Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live."
Trigger Bill

Cheley has a longstanding arrangement with Wanderlust Adventures of Ft. Collins, a licensed Colorado River Outfitter, organize, to lead, arrange and run the summer camp rafting adventures. Cheley staff members accompany the campers on the rafting trips.

"I spend 11 months of the year waiting and dreaming of my one spent in the mountains."
Abby, Cheley camper

The waters of the Poudre Canyon, rated class three at their peak, drop to class two when the rush of early summer subsides, which means there’s plenty of white and tons of fun on a ride through the canyon any day of the season. You’ll ride to nearby Ft. Collins where you board rafts and head downriver in groups of 8-10, outfitted in headgear and life vests, always accompanied by a trained river guide from Wanderlust Adventures.

When the July air in the canyon reaches 90ºF, the glacier-cold river water is a welcome relief and the perfect opportunity for a water fight. Campers are given a pre-trip orientation by Wanderlust guides before heading downriver. River rafting through Poudre Canyon is a great way to spend a lazy summer afternoon. 

If you're seeking a thrill and an outdoor adventure summer camp such as Cheley Camps, you'll soon find out that Cheley is not just a Colorado camp with rafting, but also a place for character-building, education, and teamwork. One minute you'll be working together at summer camp rafting down Poudre Canyon and the next learning survival skills in the heart of the Rockies. Cheley is a place for youth to express themselves in the great outdoors and form friendships that will last a lifetime.    

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