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Mountain Biking

Nothing will test your lungs and your legs like a steep, long mountain bike ascent. Ask anyone who has accomplished the Cheley Challenge or ridden up Hundred Dollar Hill without stopping. As you get to the top, you are not sure you can make it one more breath. You catch your breath, recover, and then think “I want to do that again…better, faster, stronger.” Plus, now you get to enjoy the ride back down. The Cheley Camp mountain biking program is one of our most challenging programs. Campers can participate in half-day rides, all-day rides, or overnight mountain bike trips. Each year we purchase new Specialized bikes so we have great equipment for the program. 

Triumph is adding “umph” to “try.”
Trigger Bill

At Cheley's Colorado summer camp, biking is one of our favorite activities. We teach proper form and technique to both aspiring and seasoned riders. You'll also learn basic mountain bike maintenance through each of our Colorado summer camp biking programs. Our advanced routes tap into your determination as you climb the hills, panting, pushing and thinking about the payoff on the way down. There are very few flat spots in Estes Park so you're either climbing or cruising at this altitude. 

"Cheley taught me to love the outdoors, to embrace challenges and to step out of my comfort zone. Cheley changed me."
Jena, Cheley camper

You'll traverse graded mountain roads and forest service jeep trails. Our counselors teach the basics of braking, shifting and balancing. Our bikes and helmets are stored and maintained on-site. We endeavor to size bikes appropriately for every biker. With riding gloves, helmet and two water bottles in tow, you're ready to explore beautiful backcountry roads and trails. Take your Colorado summer camp biking aspirations through the hills and curves that await you at Cheley Colorado Camps in Estes Park — a mountain biker's paradise.

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