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Risks and Safety at Cheley

We take pride in our operation, and the professional way in which we have run our programs for over 90 years. Cheley offers a variety of fun at our adventurous summer camp, presenting challenging and educational activities in diverse and spectacular settings. From climbing and horseback riding to rafting, camping and hiking, participants can experience a rich variety of activities. However, with these opportunities -- offered in high altitude, mountainous and sometimes wilderness terrain -- come certain risks. As an adventurous summer camp, recreation activities include inherent risks that are integral to the activities. Inherent risks include those that we seek – such as whitewater or challenging terrain – these risks can provide the challenge to participate, the opportunity to learn or the catalyst for growth. Inherent risks also include those risks we don’t necessarily seek, but which exist as part of the environment – such as unpredictable weather or difficult terrain. Other risks, not necessarily inherent, may also exist.

As a result, safety is a priority in our programming. As an accredited and licensed summer camp, we endeavor to manage risks, knowing we cannot eliminate risks or assure campers’ safety. We strive to provide campers with unique locations and appropriate equipment as they learn new skills and engage in a variety of activities. Our summer camp counselors are diverse and enthusiastic, and, depending upon their position, have training in CPR, first aid and/or wilderness first aid. Importantly, campers and their parents must understand that campers share in the responsibility for their own well-being and the well-being of others here at camp.

Cheley is an accredited summer camp through the American Camp Association (ACA) and has been accredited by the American Camp Association from the inception of their Accreditation Program. The American Camp Association works with accredited summer camps such as Cheley on key aspects of camp operation, program quality, and the health and safety of campers and staff. Cheley takes being an accredited summer camp very seriously and uses the resources and tools provided by the American Camp Association. Cheley is also a licensed summer camp by the State of Colorado Department of Health & Human Services and meets licensing requirements for children’s camps.

Please review the Cheley Acknowledgment and Assumption of Risks and Release and Indemnity Agreement or contact us for additional information about the risks associated with Cheley activities, and participants’ and parents’ responsibilities.

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