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Cheley is the premier overnight summer camp, offering two traditional 4-week terms, a 5-night program for younger campers interested in a taste of camp, and more. Situated high in the Colorado Rockies, we have created a place and an experience that make time stand still and expand.

Summer camp is a time of fun and friendship, of physical challenge and thrilling adventure. It's a chance to step out of your routine and connect with the natural world. Most campers say that Cheley changes them. You feel more solid, focused, and engaged in life. Living in the great outdoors, surrounded by mountain peaks, ancient rocks, and huge ponderosa pines makes you feel more alive, more connected, more in touch with your best self.

Since 1921, thousands of young people from every state and dozens of countries have come to Cheley. We watch our campers become more confident, independent, and responsible, thoughtful, and more aware of others. Time away from home and apart from family, in a simple setting of natural beauty, provides unique opportunities to build the judgment, insight, and skills that a happy and satisfying life requires. Cheley focuses on 21st Century Skills that youth need to thrive in today’s everchanging world.

Many campers form friendships here that last for years. A lot of our campers and counselors return to Cheley year after year, which is why camp has a warm, familiar feeling of family coupled with its extensive history. It's the campers, staff, and year-round team that makes Cheley one of Colorado's top-rated summer camps every year. Coming to camp starts to feel like you're coming home to a special place that doesn't exist anywhere else in your life.

In the Rocky Mountains, surrounded by friends and supported by caring counselors, campers indulge in boundless, exuberant fun. Frank Cheley originated Fun Plus® in 1921, and the concept has continued at Cheley for decades. Fun Plus® conveys the value we place on having fun while learning how to live life fully and know and understand ourselves more completely. As one parent commented about his child, “he just seems more comfortable in his own skin at camp.” In selecting a camp to spend your summers at, discover the difference Cheley Colorado Camps can make!
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