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John Austin Cheley Foundation

There is nothing better than being able to sponsor a summer camper and sending a child to camp! By supporting the JAC Foundation, you help to give the Camp experience to young people whose families cannot afford the full camp fee. Becoming a summer camp sponsor of the John Austin Cheley Foundation is a great way to give back. The foundation was established in 1989 by a group of Cheley alumni in honor of John Austin (Jack) Cheley, son of founder Frank H. Cheley.

Jack served as camp director from 1941, the year his father died, until 1981. His dream was to make the camp experience available to deserving youth who otherwise could not afford it. The JAC Foundation awards partial or full camperships (scholarships) to children of good moral character without regard to sex, race, color, religious affiliation, and national or ethnic origin. These camperships are applicable to several approved, western summer camps, including Cheley. Sponsor summer campers for a great cause and Cheley or other approved western summer camps will provide them with an experience they will not forget and learning tools they can use for a life time.

To learn more about the John Austin Cheley Foundation and how you can help, please visit their Web site at The foundation operates independently from Cheley Colorado Camps, Inc. 

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