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There are so many lessons you can learn in working with a young horse. The Cheley colts program is focused on nurturing and connecting with animals. Animals, like people, respond when they can feel that someone cares about them. We work with these colts with a goal of someday adding them to our riding string. A day at colts may include grooming, introducing tack to the horse, walking them around, and much more. The values of compassion, understanding and patience are always a part of working with young horses. Some days they are ready for a breakthrough and other days they can be stubborn and difficult. 

Our ranch manager works with our colts during the off-season and we have a summer staff person that is committed to this program. It is so valuable for young people to understand all of the work that goes into preparing a horse to be ridden. As we develop these horses, the campers and staff also benefit from their time together.  We are confident you will enjoy your time in the colts program.

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