Colorado summer camp

Dates and Rates

For the 2020 season

Thank you for your interest in Cheley Colorado Camps! We use a staggered enrollment system as detailed below our Dates and Rates along with more information about the enrollment process. Applications are accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis. Although it's impossible to generalize as it changes each year, some units fill sooner than others. Quarter B-4 and Family Camp also tend to fill quite quickly.

We try our very best to accommodate every camper. That being said, we rarely recommend waiting to enroll. For more information about our availability, please contact our Enrollment Manager, Peggy.

Summer Camp

Dates Tuition Deposit, due with Application*
First Term June 30 - July 18 $4,800 $800
Second Term July 21 - August 8 $4,800 $800
Full Season June 30 - August 8 $9,600 $1,600

Quarter B-4

Dates Tuition Deposit, due with Application*
7 & 8 year-olds
August 10 - August 15 $995 $300
9 & 10 year-olds
August 10 - August 15 $1,300 $500

Family Camp

Dates Tuition Deposit, due with Application*
Wagon of 4 August 10 - August 15 $2,700 $600
Each additional person

Siblings will receive a $150 discount for Summer Camp and a $50 discount for Quarter B-4. This does not include the first child.

Financial Assistance
If you are in need of financial assistance, please visit the John Austin Cheley Foundation (JACF), which was established in 1989 to honor the memory of John Austin (Jack) Cheley to help fulfill his dream of making a summer camp experience available to deserving youth who could not otherwise afford it.

Camperships are open to youth from families whose financial circumstances would mean that a high-quality residential camp experience would be unattainable without external financial support. The specific financial circumstances of a family will determine whether they are eligible for Full Support or Partial Support as defined in the JACF Income Eligibility and Family Contribution Table.

The JACF establishes relationships with youth-mentoring, non-profit organizations, and schools as well as independent volunteers to help them identify great applicants interested in a summer camp experience at Cheley or one of their other partner camps.

These Mentors play a critical role in guiding a child and family through the application process, assisting award recipients in preparing for camp, advising through the Capstone Service Project requirements, and helping the Foundation with follow-up after camp.

Staggered Enrollment System

Current Campers At the end of the term
Waitlisted or cancelled from camp 2019 September 1st
New campers from camp families September 15th
Open Enrollment October 1st

Once a unit, Quarter B-4, or Family Camp is full, then a waitlist is created in the order that we receive the application and deposit. No names will be placed on the waitlist without the required deposit. Your entire deposit will be refunded if we are unable to place your child.

Cancellation Fees

Summer Camp Quarter B-4 Family Camp
December 31 $300 $200 $400
January 1 $500 $200 $400
February 1 $700 $300 $600
March 1 $900 $400 $1,000
April 1 $1,200 $500 $1,600
May 1 Full Tuition Full Tuition Full Tuition

Payment Schedule*

*Non-Refundable Portion of Deposit January 1st March 1st May 1st
Single Term $300 $1,334 $1,333 $1,333
Full Season $600 $2,667 $2,667 $2,666
QB4: Pikas $400 - $350 $345
QB4: Marmots $400 - $400 $400
Family Camp $400 $700 $700 $700

Why Four Weeks?
Traditionally, we are a 27-day overnight summer camp. We strongly believe that this is the necessary amount time for our campers to unplug and settle into their time in the Colorado Rockies. It also gives campers time to create meaningful relationships that will last a lifetime. For campers interested in Cheley, but either too young or not quite ready for four – or even eight! – weeks, we have Quarter B-4, a five-night overnight summer camp experience. If you’re unsure what session length is the best fit for your camper (or you, we understand!) give us a call!

Is there a Camp Store?
Yes! The store is open for 45 minutes each morning for campers to purchase needed supplies and equipment, as well as gift items and clothing items. Each afternoon the store is open for one hour for 'treats.' Treats is a chance for campers to buy a snack and hang-out with their friends in a relaxed setting. Campers in Lower Chipeta and Lower Ski Hi can purchase one treat per day ($1.50 or less) and all other campers can purchase two treats ($1.50 - 3.00).

Prior to the summer, you will complete our required "Store Form," where you can set your camper's spending limit and more. Campers also have the opportunity to rent a sleeping bag ($30) and purchase hiking or riding boots. Camp stores do not accept cash. At the end of the summer, the credit card on file will be billed or we can send a statement.

The camp store provides a great opportunity for campers to learn responsibility and work on decision-making skills. We recommend you sit down with your camper(s) and discuss the camp store and using credit. A conversation about budgeting and only getting what is needed can provide a valuable lesson.

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