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Frequently Asked Questions

At Cheley Camps, we know how important it is for parents to gather all the information they can to make an educated decision in finding the right summer camp for their children. Therefore, we have included a set of FAQs below. You'll find summer camp information and frequently asked questions about Cheley Colorado Camps. If you have further questions, please contact us anytime. 

Here are some FAQs...

Where can I find information on your Sessions, Enrollment, and Tuition?

Please visit Dates and Rates.


What’s the right age to start overnight camp? And should my child help to decide if he/she goes to camp?

There's no right age to send your child to an overnight camp as it's a decision that depends on you and your child. Kids find success at camp at all ages. Sometimes, “he’s not ready for camp” actually means you’re not ready. Realizing that your child can be okay without you is sometimes hard on parents, and it’s a big step to let them have the independent experience of summer camp. With that, youth need to have a say in the decision to attend camp. Making this decision together gives your child a healthy sense of self-direction. Once the decision has been made, relaxed family conversations can help children set realistic goals for their camp experience. It's never too late for your child to experience summer camp.

How old are Cheley counselors? Do you train them?

Cheley counselors are at least 18 years old. They have completed at least one year of college; many are college graduates. We refer to them as youth development professionals. Each counselor undergoes 8-10 days of thorough training prior to the start of camp, covering topics such as safety and risk management issues, team building, counseling skills, and communication and teaching skills.

What’s the ratio of counselors to campers?

We protect the quality of the experience by limiting the number of participants in each camp unit and limiting the number of campers who sign up for each activity. Smaller, more intimate groups create better bonding. People really get to know one another, and counselors are better able to manage the experience.

What does a typical daily schedule like?

For a closer look at a camper's daily schedule, please visit Camp Life. Our activities are geared to the developmental needs and interests of each age group. Campers choose activities on a weekly basis, selecting programs that interest them. There are a ton of activities at camp and prior experience is not required for any program, though some have age limits. We encourage campers to try a wide variety of activities and we don’t force them to participate in activities they are not comfortable with.

How do you help new campers integrate into the camp community?

Each year, we have new campers join us in each unit. We also normally have campers from over 40 states and 10 foreign countries as Cheley welcomes campers from all over the world. Making friends is a focus at Cheley, so being new is just another excuse to make a new friend.

Do you accommodate campers with special needs?

If your camper has a special medical need, please contact our office prior to enrollment to see if Cheley would be a good fit for your camper.

What does tuition cover?

Tuition covers all activities, evening programs, transportation during the camp term, lodging, meals, and equipment usage. We provide tents, stoves, cooking gear, backpacks, helmets for climbing and riding, and bedding (sheets, towels, blanket). The eight-week tuition, for campers attending both terms, also includes an exciting three-day mid-term trip. Campers should be provided with some additional money (through your deposit in a camp bank account) to cover purchases at the camp store and personal laundry. Tuition does not include transportation from your home to Cheley.

When can I enroll my child? Is there a waiting list?

Current campers can enroll for the following summer during Final Weekend. Campers wait-listed from the prior season can enroll beginning September 1st. New campers from camp families can enroll on September 15th. Enrollment opens for everyone on October 1st. And yes, in some cases, there are waiting lists. To get the session and the camp unit you want for your child, enroll early.

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